Monday, June 17, 2013

Need for Clean Water

     As we traveled to various villages in Honduras to proceed with the medical brigades, we were taken back by the lack of access to clean water. We saw boys and girls drinking right out of streams that are less than sanitary. Yes, people have systems set up to get themselves water from the rivers, but other people up stream may be washing their clothes or dumping trash into the river. This causes all types of contamination issues in the water. And if people do not have clean water to drink, it is hard for them to stay hydrated and healthy in their lives. Therefore, the cycle continues. The people need teams to come to bring medicine because they are sick from the water (among other things).
    Since it is hard to clean up an entire water system of lakes, rivers, and streams, it would be easier to fix these problems with sanitation possibilities in the homes of the people. If they are more educated on the effects of contaminated water, that would be a good start. Giving them knowledge is helpful. Giving them an actual filtration system is even better. Teaming up with established organizations to do this is an excellent way to get involved in ended the crisis of contaminated water in Honduras. These organizations include World Vision,, and Water For People. You can check out their websites to get involved today!