Saturday, May 25, 2013

Friday 5/24 visit to maternity hospital/market

Today we drove into San Pedro Sula to visit the maternity hospital. They were very gracious to let us visit. We took 60 baby kits to hand out to the mothers and new babies. We first visited the young mothers section where we handed out around 15 kits to mothers 18 years or younger. The babies were beautiful. The mothers were in one large room which they shared, they had no pillows, blankets or privacy. The fathers were not allowed in and the room was not air conditioned. We saw a lot of courage in these young girls faces. The older mothers section was setup exactly the same. They were so grateful to receive the kits for the babies, and as we left the hospital one mother who was also leaving for home had her new baby blanket draped over her shoulder and her baby. The mothers stay in the hospital anywhere from 8 hours and no longer than 24. We also visited the nursery and the NICU. It was an unforgettable experience to see the strength these beautiful people have even when faced with adverse conditions.

We were also able to visit the market today and experience some truly, unique Honduran culture. We had a good time finding treasures of all kinds for "good prices." The determination of the Honduran people is not only displayed in their work ethic in serving and helping others, it also is shown in their selling and any job in which they work.


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