Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday 5/20 visit to

Today we drove to the village of San Antonio for the first day of treatments. When we arrived at the village there were school children there waiting for us. We set each up the stations they would be going to. They started with getting weighed, measured and giving us some general information. The vitamin a and deworming station came next where everyone received the deworming pill and children under the age of five received vitamin a. We then check everyone's hemoglobin for anemia. Vitals signs are taken next and then we give each family a bag of micronutrient pills to put in their food each day. This is very important because most families do not have access to a wide variety of foods. The next stop for the villagers is to the doctor, dentist and the pharmacy stations for their meds.

We saw a lot of patients today and they were all very grateful. We enjoyed playing with the children and practicing our spanish. The weather was around 95 degrees with humidity.

Coloring / Painting Nails with the children
Hemoglobin Station / Height and Weight
Vitamin A / Deworming / BP stations

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