Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday 5/22 visit to Nueve Esperanza taulabe

We had another successful visit to the small village of Nueve Esperanza Taulabe. After a pretty bumpy and steep climb up a dirt road we reached the town. The beautiful views made it worth the ride however. It was another hot day and we were sure to drink plenty of water. This town was one of the smaller ones but we still saw many patients. Again we did all the stations and patients were able to see the dentist or doctor as needed. We were also able to give two families concrete floors. This simple but important job makes a big difference in the family's lives. Everyone enjoyed playing with the children and games such as tag and coloring. We are looking forward to another busy day tomorrow!


  1. Amanda, You are superwoman. Glad you are helping so many. I skyped the girls last night for awhile and they are ok, just straightening Leiah's hair, which looked like an all night project. I'll get hold of them again tonight. Be safe and enjoy. Hugs and love, mom

  2. Hi mom!!! I miss you!!! At least your coming home soon!!! Dad cut leiah's hair. It looks really cute. I don't think my emails are getting to you. Your emails are getting to us though. Love you xoxoxoxo
    From: the only person in the family that has the same initials as u

  3. Hi Adrienne,
    Glad to get the updates! Wonderful work everyone is doing! Mom